Our Story

NAPHS was established in early 2017 as a provider of healthcare services using latest technology and expertise skills driven by the co-founders passion to improve the quality of healthcare services in Egypt and the Middle East.
NAPHS is led by experienced clinical pharmacists and healthcare executives who have a supreme track record of measurably improving the clinical system and healthcare staff performance; maximizing health services quality.

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Our Goals

To assist pharmaceutical companies marketing their products while promoting professionals education and patient awareness.

To upgrade the healthcare services within hospitals and community pharmacies.

To enhance the quality education and applied knowledge of Healthcare professionals.

Our Team

Our team is committed to be a professional resource and add value knowledge to all Healthcare providers.

We help other organizations and individuals to increase performance and drive lasting profitable results in Healthcare Services.

CEO Message

The main motivation and driving force steering the efforts to found NAPHS as a company operating in the field of continuous education and consultation in Pharmacy and Healthcare related disciplines, is to lead the change towards more efficient Healthcare provision and services for the Middle East.
We strive to provide services in different specialties that offer Healthcare quality, financial gain to our clients while focusing on sustainability and long-term betterment of Health community.
Enhance your practice, Upgrade your Service and Save a life.
Join our journey.

Nahla Kandil, CEO

Our Values