With the important role medications play in the treatment of cancer, the oncology pharmacist has become an integral part of the cancer care team. Oncology pharmacists are actively engaged in all aspects of cancer care — from chemotherapy dose preparation and safety checks, to educating patients about side effects, to drug development research. In addition, if a patient or caregiver has any questions about a cancer medication, the oncology pharmacist is a helpful resource.

To learn more about the evolving role pharmacists play in providing high-quality cancer care join our course “Oncology for pharmacists”



Course Outlines:

Day 1:
– Role of the Clinical pharmacist in Oncology.
– Overview on antineoplastic agents.
– Oncology information Resources.

Day 2:
– Pain management.
– Supportive care.

Day 3:
– Safe handling of chemotherapy.
– Pharmacogenetics.
– Breast cancer.

Day 4:
– Nutrition and patient education.
– Colon cancer.

Day 5:
– Lymphoma.
– Tumor lysis syndrome.


Mohamed A.Mekkawy
BSc, PharmD, PhD candidate
Head of the Clinical Pharmacy, Alexandria Police Hospital
Also, he is currently a PhD in Biostatistics candidate at the High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University.
With 6 years of experience as a clinical pharmacist specially in the oncology specialty he had special passion for clinical nutrition, pharmacokinetics, pharmacotherapy, biostatistics and research design.
He is also a co-author of 4 abstracts published in the ICPE 2017, 1 abstract in ICPE 2016 and 1 abstract in the ASHP 2016 conferences.

Engy M Emam
BSc, PharmD
Hospital management and Clinical Pharmacy diploma.
Biochemical analysis diploma.
Head of clinical pharmacy oncology department, Elhadaya hospital
Former clinical pharmacist, Oncology department, Alexandria main university hospital.
Dr. Engy has 11 years of experience as a clinical pharmacist of which 6 years in the oncology specialty, she is also a teaching assistant in pharmaceutics department faculty of pharmacy Alexandria university ( clinical pharmacy program ) teaching “Hospital pharmacy ( safe handling oh chemotherapy , iv preparation and dialysis)” and “drug and disease information resources”.

Soha S.Mohamed
BSc, PharmD, Diploma of biostatistics and public health , PhD candidate of Environmental health in HIPH
Senior of clinical oncology pharmacy in Alexandria main university hospital since 2014
And currently head of the oncology pharmacy (ACOD) since 2016
With more than 10 years experience in oncology and working as training preceptor in the program of Egyptian fellow ship of pharmacy for 3 years ,also in the Training program of the undergraduate students of the clinical pharmacy ,Alexandria university, Faculty of pharmacy and the PharmD students.

Event Info

  • Location: Pharmacists Syndicate Alexandria
  • Date: 31 January 2019
  • Time: 04:00 PM - 08:00 PM
  • Phone: 01200069937